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4 Signs You Need Gas Water Heater Repair

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 20% of a home’s energy is used to heat water. Most residential homes use a gas water heater to sustain hot water, largely due to its affordability. Like many household appliances, a gas water heater needs maintenance in order to function properly; otherwise, you could be spending lots of money on a gas water heater repair. Of course, you’re probably wondering how to determine whether or not you need gas water heater repair. Keep reading to learn about the four signs that you need gas water heater repair as soon as possible.

4 Signs You Need Gas Water Heater Repair

Keep in mind that these signs could indicate a wide array of possible problems with your gas water heater. If you notice any of these signs, inspect your water heater yourself to see if you can narrow down the cause. However, if you aren’t entirely confident in correctly diagnosing the problem with your gas water heater, you can contact a professional for assistance.

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1. Poor Water Quality

In the context of gas water heater repair, poor water quality refers to any obvious and alarming changes in the appearance and smell of your water. When you turn on the sink, do you see discolored, dirty, or even rusty-looking water pour out? If so, it has two major causes: sediment buildup or a corroded tank or anode.

You can get rid of the sediment buildup by turning off your water heater system and giving it a deep clean. Your best chance of avoiding this problem in the future is to have the tank cleaned so your water remains clean and potable. However, if the tank or anode is corroded, it’s time to replace those parts.

As for changes in the smell of your water, the cause of this change can be determined based on the smell itself. If your water is producing a sewage-like odor, there’s likely a severe bacteria buildup in your water heater. Stop using any and all water in your home as soon as you notice this and call a technician to deep clean and sanitize it. However, if the odor resembles that of sulfur, it means your water heater’s pilot light is out and needs to be repaired. The pilot light allows the water to heat, so staying on top of its ability to perform is absolutely essential.

2. Lack Of Hot Water

Is your water failing to come out hot even when you turn the hot water handle on your sink or shower? Has your water failed to heat up for a considerable amount of time? The reason for your lack of hot water could be attributed to a variety of factors. The first thing to check is the thermostat, as you might just need to reset it. If the thermostat doesn’t appear to be the problem, you may have a malfunctioning pilot light, excessive sediment buildup, a faulty gas valve, or a damaged or broken heater dip tube. In any of these cases, hire a technician to take a closer look and solve the problem.

3. Leaking Tank

If you are someone who likes to check on your gas water heater occasionally, you might be taken aback by the sight of leaking or dripping water. The first culprit could be internal condensation caused by temperature problems. If you’re able to trace the leak to the top of the water heater tank, it probably means the valves are defective or damaged. However, a leak from the bottom of the tank usually means there is too much corrosion, and the tank needs replacing.

4. Hissing Sounds

Finally, hissing sounds mean the pressure relief valve is faulty and requires a gas water heater repair. This valve being faulty is usually the result of excessively high-pressure levels. The hissing of the faulty valve is often accompanied by water leaking from the tank, making this issue difficult to miss. As soon as you hear these sounds, disconnect your gas water heater system and call a technician to take care of it.

Our Technicians Provide Gas Water Heater Repairs!

Knowing these four signs will help you recognize when it’s time to call for a gas water heater repair. If you live in the Houston area, you can trust our experienced appliance technicians to provide gas water heater repairs. Contact us at Appliance Repair Houston today for excellent appliance repair services!


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