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5 Reasons Your Gas Dryer Is Not Heating

You are taking a load of clothes out of the washing machine and preparing them to dry. After clearing out the lint trap, you proceed to deposit the load into the dryer and add a dryer sheet or an alternative to enhance the quality of your dried clothes. Soon after closing the dryer lid, you ensure the cycle is programmed with the appropriate settings and let it begin. However, you start noticing that your dryer isn’t heating up at any point during the cycle. You run the cycle a second time, and your gas dryer still isn’t heating.

A gas dryer refusing to heat can easily throw off your laundry routine. Falling behind in laundry because of a washer or dryer failing to work properly can lead to a lot of frustration, especially if you go through all the troubleshooting steps only for nothing to change. The best way to avoid this scenario is to read this blog and learn why your gas dryer is not heating.

1. A Clogged Dryer Vent Is Why Your Gas Dryer Is Not Heating

The dryer vent allows airflow to travel to and from your dryer and the outside. A clogged dryer is one of the most common reasons why your gas dryer is not heating and is worth being the first possible cause to investigate. To troubleshoot this issue, set a dry cycle with the heat on high and check the outside end of the dryer vent system to feel with your hand if the airflow is strong enough. If the airflow is weak or little to no airflow is produced, your dryer vents are clogged.

You should also think about when your dryer vent last received maintenance. If it’s never received any maintenance or it was last completed more than six months ago, it is time to book a technician to clean your dryer vents. A dryer vent technician vacuums out any debris from the dryer vents, allowing airflow to seamlessly power and heat your gas dryer.

2. A Malfunctioning Thermal Fuse

Your gas dryer’s thermal fuse is a safety measure to prevent the outbreak of dryer fires, so it’s very important to make sure yours is working properly. A gas dryer that isn’t heating is a possible symptom of a malfunctioning thermal fuse. While a DIY approach may be tempting when determining if a thermal fuse is at the root of our dryer’s problems, it’s recommended that you contact a professional for your safety and to avoid accidentally creating further damage to your dryer.

3. A Faulty Timer Is Why Your Gas Dryer Is Not Heating

Many dryers, both gas and electric include a timer motor, which runs a load for a certain amount of time based on the selected settings. If you often rely on your dryer to know how much time is passing during a load, you might be missing the fact that your timer isn’t exactly working like clockwork.

4. A Dirty Lint Trap Is Why Your Gas Dryer Is Not Heating

The lint trap is your dryer’s first line of defense against dryer fires. A dirty lint trap will cause the drying time to go slower and obstruct airflow. The solution to this issue is simple since all you need to do is clean out your dryer’s lint trap after every use.

dryer lint trap

5. Igniter Issues and Coil Complications Weaken Power

Another possible reason why your gas dryer struggles to heat up might be problems with the igniter and gas valve coils. These two components are what allow a gas dryer to successfully use power. The igniter helps the gas going through the coils to become hot enough to heat the dryer. A burned-out igniter could be keeping your gas dryer from powering up and heating. If the igniter is working properly, then the gas valve coils could be worn out and need replacing.

We Will Get Your Gas Dryer Heating Up Again!

While there are many possible explanations for a gas dryer failing to heat up, the five reasons described above are just a few of the most common and complex possibilities. Sometimes the issue is as simple as a load being too heavy and requiring reduction. You always want to be sure about the source behind why your gas dryer is not heating before determining whether it’s an easy fix or an issue that needs professional attention. If your gas dryer does require professional attention, contact us today at Appliance Repair Houston and we will get your gas dryer heating up again!


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