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How To Switch Food To A New Refrigerator

If your fridge is older than a decade or is ridden with a myriad of issues, then it’s about time you invest in a brand-new refrigerator. Once you throw out that old heap of junk and replace it, you will be exposed to exciting new features that will make your refrigerating lifestyle worry-free.

There are many things to love about a brand-new refrigerator, from its energy efficiency to its spaciousness. However, before you can reap their many benefits, you must know how to switch food to a new refrigerator. This is a delicate part of the installation process that many don’t realize. But you can learn all you need to know below.

How To Switch Food To A New Refrigerator

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Why Is This Process Essential?

If you’re wondering why you have to learn how to switch food to a new refrigerator, then this is the section for you. This is an essential method because your refrigerator’s compressor oil needs time to settle and preserve your foods. Without patience, your food will spoil thanks to the fridge’s fluctuating temperature.

It’s best to wait until your fridge’s temperature is between 34 to 40°F to switch over your food. This is the ideal temperature range because it will ensure your food remains fresh. Also, how you handle your food before the switch is also essential. If you switch foods that are either too warm or too cool, you could risk them being spoiled and even cause refrigeration problems.

How to Switch Food To A New Refrigerator

Now that you know why this process is so important, you can start preparing for the big switch.

The Prep

Before you start switching your food over to your new fridge, some things need to be addressed. First, you will need to have a cooler and ice at the ready. These will later be used to store any of your perishable foods. Also, be sure to keep your refrigerator running until the last second to keep your foods as fresh as possible.

When your fridge arrives, the first thing you need to do is clean it. Even though it may look squeaky clean, the manufacturing and transportation process could leave behind harmful chemicals. So clean your fridge with a cloth, soap, and water before turning it on. Once you plug in your fridge, you will have to wait.

The Wait

You will need to wait two to four hours for the compressor oil to settle. The refrigerator could be on its side during transportation, allowing the compressor oil to leak into the coolant pipes and costing you oil. However, if your refrigerator stays upright for a few hours, the oil will return, and you’ll have enough oil for it to function at its best.

As you wait, place all perishable foods in a cooler to prevent them from spoiling. Check the temperature of your refrigerator every 30 minutes or so to ensure everything is coming along properly. You want your fridge to be a temperature of 37°F and your freezer to be 0°F. Once that is accomplished, you will be ready for the switch.

The Switch

All you need to do now is store your food in your new fridge. You want to make sure all your foods are secure to prevent any spills. To keep your new fridge clean, simply place your food in containers, then proceed with the switch. Once you’re done adding all your foods into your new fridge, you’ll be ready to utilize your new refrigerator’s many features.

How To Switch Food To A New Refrigerator

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