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Can Shoes Go In The Washer

We all enjoy looking our best; this is why we dress up and wear aromatic fragrances. When walking out of our homes, we want to present the best version of ourselves from head to toe. Our hair has to be on point and our shoes have to look pristine. But the latter can be challenging when you have some beat-up shoes that desperately need cleaning.

Many people clean their shoes with an old toothbrush and cleaning solution to scrub the dirt away. However, you can go the extra mile by throwing your pair of kicks into the washer to ensure your shoes look brand new. If you’ve ever wondered, “can shoes go in the washer?” the answer is yes. Continue reading to see how this can happen.

Can Shoes Go In The Washer

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Before You Start

It’s best to learn a few things before you throw your shoes into the washer. Remember to never place leather or suede shoes in the washer. If you have suede shoes, then you know how they look after getting caught in the rain. The same, or worse, will occur if you wash your suede shoes in the washer. Suede shoes absorb water easily, which can stain the fabric, leaving white markings on your shoes.

You will also ruin your leather shoes if you put them in the washer. Using a washer will cause your shoes to fade and crack. Leather shoes are delicate, much like rubber and vinyl shoes, which is why they should be hand-washed. You can check the tags on your shoes to see what material and shoe type you have, helping you understand whether or not they should go in the washer.

How To Wash Shoes In The Washing Machine

Depending on the type of material your shoes are made of, everything will work just fine. This material can be polyester, canvas, nylon, and cotton, all of which will work as long as you follow the instructions listed below.

Remove Laces And Insoles

To start, you will need to remove your laces and insoles and clean them properly. You can wash these either by hand or in the washing machine. However, you must place your insole and laces in a mesh bag so your laces can easily be found and won’t become tangled. Also, since your soles are delicate, this is the best course of action.

Clean The Soles

Before washing your shoes, you should wash the soles first. You don’t want to throw a filthy pair of shoes covered in mud inside your washer. Just use a toothbrush to remove any excess gunk on your soles, then they will be ready for the next step.

Washing Your Shoes

Since your shoes are delicate, your cycle must use cold water. Warm or hot water will warp your shoes, damage the fabric, and possibly fade your shoe’s colors. Also, use liquid detergent or laundry pods when washing your shoes. Powder detergent will get caught in your soles and shoelace holes. If you don’t want to hear a banging sound coming from your washer for the entire wash, then it’s best to balance your load with some old towels.

Air Dry Shoes

When the wash is done, do not put your shoes in the dryer. Much like with hot water, the heat from the dryer will damage your shoes. The glue holding your shoes together will dissipate, your shoes will warp, and the fabric could shrink. We recommend air-drying your shoes and placing hand towels inside your shoes. This will prevent bacteria from growing and allow your shoes to maintain their shape. 

Can Shoes Go In The Washer

Appliance Repair Houston Can Assist You

So, can shoes go in the washer? This blog post will help you know exactly if you can do this or not. And after you follow the steps above you can put your laces and soles back together and get back to your day-to-day life. Before you know it, you will look your best from head to toe as you intended.

If you happen to make a mistake during the wash or were tempted to use your dryer, you might need a technician to restore your appliances. Luckily, Appliance Repair Houston has the experts to ensure your laundry set remains in tip-top shape. Give us a call to get your washer and dryer back up and running.

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